Moustache Brewing FAQs

When will you be open? Will you have a tasting room?

Currently we are under construction. We are aiming to be opening this fall(ish) however there are many things which are out of our control that happen along the way which can slow things down. Don’t worry though once we are ready to open we promise not to keep it a secret! It will be posted on our website, all our social media outlets, and written in the sky! (Okay a skywriter is not in our budget, scratch that idea.)  

Once we are open we will have a tasting room. You will be able to come visit us, taste our beers, purchase growlers, Moustache Brewing Co. swag, see your name on our backer wall and give us a high five! We can’t wait!

Are you hiring or looking for interns?

Currently we are not hiring or taking on interns right now. When the time comes that we are we will certainly be sure to announce any available positions on our website.

What about volunteers?

What we do need help with is spreading the excitement about Moustache Brewing Co. Share our page to all your friends on social media, sport our Moustache wear and just keep being excited about all the great things that are soon to come!

I have questions about starting my own brewery, can you help me?

Starting a brewery has kept us very busy 24/7. You can find all the information you need with a quick Google search (that’s what we did!) but here are a few general resources to point you in the right direction and get you on your way to brewing like a pro. But, if you see us out and about, feel free buy us a beer and ask us question or two!

With that said, this assumes that YOU MAKE GOOD BEER. Providing you do, continue:

Small Business Administration:

You can meet with a business counselor to help you get started on a business plan and to ask business related questions.

Community Development Corporation of Long Island:

The CDC LI offers a Core 4 business class to help get you going (Lauri took this class and it was a great resource!) They also have information and assistance on applying for SBA loans.

Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau:

The TTB is who you apply to and receive your federal brewer’s notice from. They have a whole section on what you need to do in order to apply for your brewer’s notice as well as information on starting a brewery.

State Liquor Authority

You will also need to receive approval from the NYS Liquor Authority as well before you start your brewery and making beer.

The Brewer’s Association:

This may be one of the greatest resources available to those interested in starting a brewery. Joining the BA gives you access to industry information, statistics, advice, suppliers and much more. A crucial resource.

Other advice on starting a brewery:

Make a thorough business plan and do all the financials. You will be surprised how much money it takes to get a brewery running and to sustain it.

Start early on your applications with the TTB and the SLA it can be many months before they are approved! Although the time frame varies on everyone’s individual situation.

Don’t expect anything to work out as planned and be flexible. There’s a million bumps on the way, be prepared to deal with them. You can’t possibly plan for it all.

Talk to the town where you are thinking of opening your brewery (before you sign a lease). Every single town will have different restrictions and requirements of you before you can open.

RESEARCH!!!! Research EVERYTHING!!! This is a highly controlled industry to start a business in. The amount of requirements that vary on everything is overwhelming but the information is out there!

Keep brewing! Brew your recipes and get them down! Get critical assessment from everyone. Make your beers awesome.


I’m doing a Kickstarter what should I know about that?

1. Make it clear to your audience WHY you need the money and WHAT you are going to use it for. Be specific!

2. Be yourself! You are asking people to help you and invest in you as a person! Make a connection with your viewers.

3. Keep your video short and sweet and entertaining!

4. Remember that Kickstarter and Amazon fees account for about 10% of your total after your campaign is over.

5. Don’t give away the farm. Calculate the cost of your rewards, shipping and fees from each pledge amount so you know how much of that $25 pledge you will be truly receiving.

6. Keep your backers up to date throughout the whole campaign and the process.

Guarding our suitcase full of #craftbeer #cbc13 #homewardbound  (at LIRR)

Guarding our suitcase full of #craftbeer #cbc13 #homewardbound (at LIRR)

We’re in!

It’s official! Yesterday we signed the lease and now Moustache has a home in Riverhead! More details to follow!

So they tell us that the lease will be ready for us on Wednesday! However, even if it is ready on Wednesday for us we won’t be able to sign it until our lawyer give it the A-OK! Which will take a few days more. So keep your moustaches crossed that we get in next week! Everything is happening all at once right now!

We’re finishing up all the fun questions on this form and this form for the federal and state government. Don’t be mislead by the shortness of the Federal form. No, no. It only looks sweet and innocent, but there’s all sorts of sneak attacks it’s got for us. Diagrams, photos, attachments, baking it a pie. Wait. No pie. But there was a not so exciting trip to the Social Security Administration. They need to know EVERY place we’ve worked for the past 10 years. Matt was easy, me, not so much. I had to pony up and get a list from Social Security. I’ve had about 35 jobs, no joke. And the Feds want to know about all of them.

Then at the same time, I’m working on our building permit applications with the town so we can start construction straightaway. It will take about 6 weeks for that to go through. I spoke with our architect yesterday (who LOVES craft beer BTW!) so she can get plans together for our permit.

So very much to do! It’s a full time job already and we’re not even open yet! (Can I quit my boring job yet?)

Things I am working on simultaneously:

  • Lease
  • Insurance
  • Bonding
  • Federal and state applications
  • Updating the business plan
  • Taxes
  • Investors

Annnnnnnd Breathe!



Welcome 2013!

Welcome 2013!

Happy New Year everyone! We want to thank you for all your support in this past year!! We couldn’t have done it without you.

2013 is going to be a great year for Moustache Brewing Co. Things are underway on our new location. We should be sealing the deal and signing our lease in the next week or so. 

Once the lease is signed we will finish up our applications to the TTB and SLA and dash them off straightaway! Then we play the waiting game.

While we are waiting we will be working on renovating our space and readying it for production. As well as finishing things up with the SEC for investors.

We have a lot to do but we are so excited to move forward!
Stay tuned.


Lauri & Matthew

Always focus on the big picture!

Always focus on the big picture!

I knew I could count on you Ryan!

I knew I could count on you Ryan!

Our lease proposal was accepted by the landlord! The lease will be drawn up next week. Once our lawyer gives us the A-OK we’ll be signed sealed and delivered! What a great way for us to start 2013! Huzzah!


It’s on. We’re going for the space we looked at in Riverhead two weeks ago. It’s not our dream space but we can surely make it work. 

Everything is being worked out with the lease as we speak, but we’re hoping to be in for the new year!