So they tell us that the lease will be ready for us on Wednesday! However, even if it is ready on Wednesday for us we won’t be able to sign it until our lawyer give it the A-OK! Which will take a few days more. So keep your moustaches crossed that we get in next week! Everything is happening all at once right now!

We’re finishing up all the fun questions on this form and this form for the federal and state government. Don’t be mislead by the shortness of the Federal form. No, no. It only looks sweet and innocent, but there’s all sorts of sneak attacks it’s got for us. Diagrams, photos, attachments, baking it a pie. Wait. No pie. But there was a not so exciting trip to the Social Security Administration. They need to know EVERY place we’ve worked for the past 10 years. Matt was easy, me, not so much. I had to pony up and get a list from Social Security. I’ve had about 35 jobs, no joke. And the Feds want to know about all of them.

Then at the same time, I’m working on our building permit applications with the town so we can start construction straightaway. It will take about 6 weeks for that to go through. I spoke with our architect yesterday (who LOVES craft beer BTW!) so she can get plans together for our permit.

So very much to do! It’s a full time job already and we’re not even open yet! (Can I quit my boring job yet?)

Things I am working on simultaneously:

  • Lease
  • Insurance
  • Bonding
  • Federal and state applications
  • Updating the business plan
  • Taxes
  • Investors

Annnnnnnd Breathe!